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Advanced Pistol Fighting For Civilians

  • Advanced Pistol Fighting For Civilians

Date-Sunday February 18th, 2024

Honolulu/Kunia Farms area. Duration-8 am-6 pm

Cost-300 per student

"Welcome to our 'You Are Your Own 1st Responder - Advanced Pistol Sparring' program, tailored for individuals with a deeper understanding of self-defense and firearms. In this advanced force-on-force training, we go beyond traditional scenarios by utilizing the most realistic simulation technology available - 'Sims.' Here, you will have the rare opportunity to use 'UTM' (Ultimate Training Munitions) rounds fired from specially modified Glock and Sig pistols, a privilege typically reserved for law enforcement. We believe that this level of training should be accessible to all, as it sharpens your self-defense skills to an exceptional degree.

The 'UTM' rounds are non-lethal 9mm 'man-marking rounds' that leave a paint marking on impact. Not only will you experience the 'pain penalty,' but you'll also feel the recoil, see the muzzle flash, and witness the cycling of a 9mm pistol, all without the need for ear protection. The noise level is equivalent to airsoft, ensuring zero disruption to neighbors. These training munitions can even be safely used indoors with no special concerns.

In addition to the 'UTM' rounds, you will also train with the special Umarex T4E guns, which fire .43 caliber paintballs or dustballs, adding an extra layer of realism to your training experience. This advanced course is designed for anyone who has applied for or received their concealed carry permit and those who have a solid grasp of firearm safety and fundamentals.

Course Highlights:

    This class will immerse you in realistic scenarios you may face as a concealed carrier and home defender.
    You will have to make tactical, legal, moral, and even medical split-second decisions and articulate everything afterward to a 'jury' or your classmates.
    This class will also include an abbreviated bleeding control block/refresher. You will be required to use tourniquets and/or wound packing in one of the drills.

Please note that although this is an advanced class using real Sims, it is NOT a combatives class. NO fighting or wrestling, etc., will be allowed. Any disarm, takedown, or other move that may be an effective option will be simulated. This is for everyone's safety. Yes, we are striving for realism here, but it is also a controlled sterile environment.

Join us in taking the next step towards becoming a supremely prepared defender of yourself and your loved ones."

Gear Requirements and Recommendations:

    Please note that our training environment is STERILE, and no weapons of any kind are allowed. You will be searched prior to the class starting. This includes obvious items like guns and knives, but also pens, heavy keychains, flashlights, etc. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in ejection from the training.

    Wear closed-toed shoes, preferably long pants with a sturdy belt. A hoodie or light jacket is also recommended. Protective face/head/groin and neck gear will be provided, but if you have your own paintball face mask/helmet and groin guard you may bring it as long as I approve it.

    Be aware that getting hit by UTM and .43 caliber balls in areas with little or no protection hurts, and will cause mild bleeding and/or bruising. This is known as the 'pain penalty,' which underscores the seriousness of our training. We wear face/head/neck/groin gear to block 100% of the impact to those vital areas that cannot safely be hit, but you will feel it anywhere else, and this is the point.

    Bring plenty of water, snacks, and a suitable lunch, as we will be in a location where leaving for lunch is not possible. We will take a 20-minute lunch break to ensure you stay nourished and hydrated throughout the day."